Ido Neeman



Don’t think Serverless Security, think Application Security


Claims that serverless poses new risks are incorrect; there are no new cybersecurity threats that are serverless-specific. In fact, serverless is the most secure way to run applications in the cloud.
In this talk, we’ll discuss why you shouldn't be afraid of serverless just because it’s “new” and debunk some serverless security FUDs. We'll highlight some examples of advanced attack vectors of serverless applications, and talk about the security considerations that should be taken into account
when building serverless applications.
This talk is based on a Whitepaper published by Nuweba: Don't think serverless security, think application security


Ido Neeman is the Co-Founder & CEO of Nuweba, an ultra-fast and highly-secure serverless platform. Prior to Nuweba, Ido spent 12 years at the Israeli Intelligence leading large-scale cybersecurity activities, and also worked as a lead tech analyst for an Israeli hedge-fund.

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