Jensen Hussey



All You Need Is JavaScript


There are millions of JavaScript engineers in the world. JavaScript is spreading out into every corner of engineering. Now it has spread to serverless via Cloudflare Workers. Learn how a seemingly ""client side"" language graduated to powering one of the largest edge networks in the world.
Learn a few ways to integrate serverless into your web applications today. In the spirit of spreading knowledge this presentation will go over a demo for supporting internationalization and translations on your site as well as A/B testing and optimizing for mobile. At the end of this talk, with just a bit of JavaScript experience, you'll be ready to deploy some serverless code.


Jensen is an engineer at Cloudflare with a passion for JavaScript. Mostly recently she's been working on Cloudflare's new Registrar service. Before that she spearheaded the internationalization project for to provide the site in over 10 different languages. Previously Jensen has worked at companies such as OkCupid and Dropbox also focusing on JavaScript and design systems.
When she isn't coding her time is spent either studying Japanese, dancing, or playing video games.
Jensen's favorite kpop artist is T.O.P.

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