Katy Shimizu



Infinite Scaling, Finite Failures: Serverless Resiliency Patterns and Lessons Learned


You’ve built a beautiful workflow from serverless components. Your costs are down, your productivity is up, you’re scaling smoothly and life is good! something is down, events keep coming in, and failures are cascading through your system. How do you recover from this? Can you?

The distributed nature of most serverless architectures makes resiliency, consistency and state management key design considerations. In this talk, we’ll discuss strategies to minimize the impact of platform and application failures and examine Azure’s Durable Functions as an example approach for creating resilient, stateful serverless processes and workflows.


Katy has been a software engineer at Microsoft since 2017. As a member of the Azure Functions team, she contributes to Azure's serverless FaaS product. She currently focuses on the Functions core runtime. She previously worked on Durable Functions, a framework for building stateful serverless workflows in Azure Functions.

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