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Eric Johnson

Amazon Web Services


KEYNOTE: The future is serverless / 未来はサーバーレスにあり


ソフトウェア開発の将来を予測するのは困難ですが、10 年前のサーバーレスの夜明け以来、いくつかのトレンドが勢いを増してきています。開発者は、かつてないほど多くのワークロードを管理し、スケジュールを短縮し、リソースを削減する必要に迫られています。イノベーション捉えていくには、変化する顧客ニーズをサポートできるアーキテクチャが必要です。このセッションでは、開発者がサーバーレスをどのように受け入れてきたか、これまでに現れたトレンドを考察し、無数の開発の選択肢を紹介するために “未来” を覗いていきます。サーバーレス革命はまだ始まったばかりです!

While the future of software development is hard to predict, some trends have been accelerating since the dawn of serverless 10 years ago. Developers have more workloads to manage, shorter timelines, and fewer resources than ever before. They need architectures that can support the changing needs of their customers to keep pace with innovation. This talk looks at how developers have embraced serverless, the trends that have emerged so far, and peeks into the future to showcase the myriad development choices. The serverless revolution is just getting started.


Eric Johnson is a Principal Developer Advocate for Serverless Applications at Amazon Web Services and is based in Northern Colorado. Eric is a fanatic about serverless and enjoys helping developers understand how serverless technologies introduces a major paradigm shift in how they approach building and running applications at massive scale with minimal administration overhead. Prior to this, Eric has worked as a developer, solutions architect and AWS Evangelist for an AWS partner company.

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